Other Services

Rainwater Soakaway

These are different to effluent soak ways as they are typically a “pit” construction. Volume of “pit” is calculated on the size of the roof area it will be serving along with the porosity of the subsoil.


We have specialist high pressure jetting equipment to blast away those unwanted blockages. The additional use of fault “tracing” equipment to assist with the detection of faults is also available. The precise tracing of any fault, will provide a speedy resolution to any detected problems.

Cable and Pipe Tracing

We use our cable avoidance tool (CAT) and Sonde to detect the route and exact depth of pipes. Any buried cables are easily detected with the use of our CAT and signal generator.

Land Drainage

If you have a problem with a water logged garden or field, don’t despair! We are able to advise on methods of drainage to solve the problem.

Drain Repairs

If a blockage occurs within your drain pipes due to tree root ingress or subsidence, we can locate and repair at the exact position of the fault, thus minimising cost and disruption.